Our web site has a lot of address of places of restaurant, cafe, hospital, rent a car, airport or gym from Alabama to Wyoming in America at 50 provinces. Choose your area and what kind of service you need. In seconds, the nearest places come on your screen.

Place Search is a site that was launched in 2018, which allows you to easily find where you want to go. From luxury restaurants to mini bars, from florists to car dealerships, many places in America are located at Place Search.

You can be easily accessed to 60 different service sectors in 50 provinces via Place Search. In Place Search, where consumers meet with producers, you can find holiday venues, shopping malls, beauty salons, cultural and art events or entertainment places in America. Thanks to Place Search's rich range of opportunities, a strong connection is established between businesses and customers.

You can use info@placesearch.co to contact us. Everyday from Monday to Friday, Place Search opens at 9:00 am and closes at 18:00 pm. Place Search is closed on Saturday and Sunday.